Reddy Heater® - HD30G
10,000 to 30,000 Btu/Hr.
Portable Propane Infra-Red™ Radiant Heater

  •  Adjustable Heat Output
  •  Unique Dual Burner Heads Rotate Up to 180°
  •  Two Burners Can Operate Independently with 6 Heat Settings
  •  Piezo Ignition
  •  Operates on 20 lb. “Gas Grill” Cylinders or Larger
  •  Runs Approximately 14 to 43 Hours on a 20 lb. Propane “Gas Grill” LP Cylinder
  •  One-Year Warranty
  •  Ideal for Construction Sites, Farm Vehicle Repairs, Patios or Other Outdoor Work Activities

(Tank not included)               

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