R40 Reddy Forced Air Kerosene Heater

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  • Model #: R40
  • 40,000 Btu
  • The R40 heats 900 Sq. Ft.
  • Runs Up To 10 Hours On Full 3 Gallon Tank
  • Instant Heat Right Out Of The Box—Just Fill the R40 Tank And Plug In!
  • Quickly Circulates Heat With High-Capacity Fan
  • Operates In Extremely Cold Temperatures
  • Flame Out Control System Shuts Heater Down In The Event Of Loss Of Flame Or Lack Of Fuel
  • Uses Low-Cost Kerosene, #1/#2 Diesel Fuel & Fuel Oil, JP-8 Fuel or Jet A Fuel
  • Exclusive Patented Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) Provides Quieter Operation, Cleaner Burning And Less Maintenance
  • HSI Smart Start Technology
  • R40 Reddy Heaters were manufactured by Desa International
    • HA1210—Optional Thermostat, Requires No Installation—Needs 120V Electrical Outlet

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