GWN10T Glo Warm Blue Flame ventfree heaters

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120790-01 110186-01 098514-01 thermocouple and ODS pilots GWN10T glo-warm heater

Glo-Warm Natural gas heater GWN10T are vent free Blue Flame heaters,
with thermostat control and 10,000 btu’s

The GWN10T Blue Flame heaters work much like a central heating system,
the room is wrapped in a blanket of comfort as the air is warmed.

Glo-Warm Blue Flame heaters do not require electricity to run,
enabling you to weather the cold with power or without.

Glo-Warm Blue Flame Heater GWN10T

  • GWN10T - Natural Gas heaters
  • Thermostatic control operation with gas valve
  • Wall Mount heater
  • Save on heating costs. The 99% heating efficient designs require no outside venting, so all the heat stays in the room.
  • Blue flame vent free heaters provide easy, economical installation, with no vent or chimney required, installation is an easy job*. (*Professional installation recommended)
  • Safe and clean burning, Glo-Warm blue flame vent free heaters are design certified by the American Gas Association and meet or exceed all government safety performance standards.
  • A dual purpose safety ODS pilot system protects against oxygen depletion, when the pilot flame is lifted from the thermocouple the gas is shut off to the burner by the ODS pilot causing the heater to turn off.
  • Provides heat during power outages. No electricity required, making these blue flame vent free heaters ideal as back up emergency heat.
  • Clean, quiet, odorless operation
  • Easy to use top mounted controls - gas valve and piezo igniter are both easily accessible.
  • piezo igniter push button ignition. No matches required.
  • Decorative safety grill and tinted glass
  • Low heat 5,000 BTU's
  • High heat 10,000 BTU's
  • GWN10T Heater Dimensions 21.5" H x 13.5" W x 7" D

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Important Heater Information

  • Heater Installation must be done by qualified service persons.
  • Read Owner's Manual before using.
  • Check local codes and ordinances for permitted vent free heater uses.
  • Not for use in recreational vehicles.
  • All heater products approved for manufactured (mobile) home installation.
  • We reserve the right to amend heater specifications without notice.
  • Use with adequate air (ventilation) only. vent free heaters humidify while they heat.
  • Vent free provides water vapor in the area heated. Refer to owner's manual for specifics.
  • Heating areas based on rooms with 8' ceilings.
  • Other natural gas Glo Warm Heaters:
  • Operating GWN10T heaters at elevations above 4,500 ft. could cause nuisance outages.
    REASON: thinner air at higher elevations causes the ODS pilot to shut the heater off. This is accomplished as the pilot flame lifts off of the thermocouple ceasing the signal sent to the gas valve.
  • Vent free heater cannot be converted between fuel types.
  • ANSI Z21 11.2 Standard and National Fuel Gas Code revised in 1994 to permit wall mounted installations of 10,000 btu vent free heaters ( GWN10T GWN10 GWP10T GWP10 ) in bedrooms and 6,000 btu heaters ( GWN6 GWP6 ) in bathrooms.
    Always check local codes before installing

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