Common GWP10 Glo Warm Parts:

* If replacing ODS pilot and your model is Pre 2002, your part number
will be 099059-03 for propane/LP models.
The thermocouple part number will be 098514-01 (See Fig 3). The electrode
part number will be 098594-01.

120790-01 110186-01 098514-01 thermocouple for ODS pilot – GWP10  glo warm heater parts

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GWP10 Glo Warm PROPANE heaters are a ventfree Blue Flame heater,
with manual control and 10,000 btu’s

The GWP10 Blue Flame heater works much like a central heating system,
the room is wrapped in a blanket of comfort as the air is warmed.

A Glo Warm Blue Flame heater does not require electricity to run,
enabling you to weather the cold with power or without.

Glo Warm Blue Flame Heaters GWP10

  • GWP10 - (LP) Propane heaters
  • Manual Control Operation
  • Wall Mount heater
  • Save on heating costs. The 99% heating efficient designs require no outside venting, so all the heat stays in the room.
  • The ventfree blue flame heater provides easy, economical installation, with no vent or chimney required, and a built in 099415-18 pressure regulator, installation is an easy job*.
  • *Professional installation recommended
  • Safe and clean burning, Glo Warm ventfree heaters are design certified by the American Gas Association and meet or exceed all government safety performance standards.
  • A dual purpose safety ODS pilot system 110803-02 or 099059-03 protects against oxygen depletion, when the pilot flame is lifted from the 110186-01 or 098514-01 thermocouple the gas is shut off to the burner by the 110803-02 and 099059-03 pilot ODS causing the heater to turn off.
  • Provides heat during power outages. No electricity required, making these ventfree blue flame heaters ideal for back up emergency heat.
  • Clean, quiet, odorless operation
  • Easy to use  top mounted controls
  • 097159-04 piezo push button ignition. No matches required.
  • Decorative safety grill and tinted glass
  • Low heat 5,000 BTU's
  • High heat 10,000 BTU's
  • Heater Dimensions 21.5" H x 13.5" W x 7" D

Important Heater Information

  • Heater Installation must be done by qualified service persons.
  • Read Owner's Manual before using.
  • Check local codes and ordinances for permitted ventfree heater uses.
  • Not for use in recreational vehicles.
  • All heater products approved for manufactured (mobile) home installation.
  • We reserve the right to amend heater specifications without notice.
  • Use with adequate air (ventilation) only. ventfree heaters humidify while they heat.
  • Ventfree provides water vapor in the area heated. Refer to owner's manual for specifics.
  • Heating areas based on rooms with 8' ceilings.
  • Other propane / LP gas Glo Warm Heaters:
  • Operating GWP10 heaters at elevations above 4,500 ft. could cause nuisance outages. REASON: thinner air at higher elevations causes the 110803-02 and 099059-03 ODS pilot to shut the heater off. This is accomplished as the pilot flame lifts off of the 110186-01 and 098514-01 thermocouple ceasing the signal sent to the gas valve.
  • Ventfree heater can not be converted between fuel types.
  • ANSI Z21 11.2 Standard and National Fuel Gas Code revised in 1994 to permit wall mounted installations of 10,000 btu ventfree heaters ( GWN10T GWN10 GWP10T GWP10 ) in bedrooms and 6,000 btu heaters ( GWN6 GWP6 ) in bathrooms.
    Always check local codes before installing

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